Heavy lifting & Logistics

Heavy lifting & Logistics

Maintenance and repair on windparks are often done at height, just as many other construction projects. Gould can supply all the necessary equipment, experience and expertise to do a heavy lifting job in a safe and efficient way.

Heavy lifting operations

In plant maintenance and industrial construction projects heavy lifting has an important role. Heavy lifting is necessary for new construction, upgrades and expansions. Besides, maintenance and emergency operations often require heavy lifting support. Thereby, safety is an important element of any heavy lifting operation. The employees, materials, equipment and the load need safeguarding. Furthermore, efficient execution of heavy lifting operations is of the upmost importance, due to a project’s schedule and budget.

Heavy lifting equipment

Gould has a large fleet of heavy lifting equipment, ranging from cranes to SPMTs. The cranes provide improvements in turnaround efficiency and construction. Due to the high capacity of the cranes, it is even possible to execute a project while and organization is still fully operational. Furthermore, the cranes can be used for safe transport of any load. Large barges can be loaded onto specific trailers for transportation to the desired location.

SPMTs consist of different modules with 4 or 6 lines. These modules can be attached side-by-side or head-to tail. This way, the SPMT can be used as one large vehicle. With a powerpack attached, these modules are able to move and their own. They can be tailored to every specific situation. They have to possibility to steer the wheels 360 degrees. These vehicles are an advantage at roads where conventional transport solutions reach their limitations. Cargo can be transported with a large degree of accuracy and millimeter precision.

Reliable equipment

The heavy lifting fleet of Gould includes state-of-the-art equipment, adjusted to the needs of the clients. All heavy lifting machinery is less than 10 years old and maintained regularly. Our well-maintained, specialized equipment can be used to secure the critical path of any project. We deliver all our heavy lifting equipment worldwide.

High-level engineering

With high level engineering we bring the greatest power to our heavy lifting equipment. A careful plan and the right expertise are necessary for a safe operation. We carry out heavy lifting projects in a way that delivers the project on time. Maximum safety and efficiency are ensured. Extensive rigging studies are performed, objects are weighed, the center of gravity is determined, plans are drafted and the professionals execute the plan. All projects are executed according to the highest safety standards.

Tailor-made heavy lifting services at Gould

Gould supports their clients with any heavy lifting project in every major industrial sector worldwide. Gould handles all heavy lifting projects safely and efficiently, using specialized equipment, high level engineering, and experienced operators. All projects are carefully planned and executed.

There is no limit to the services of Gould. We offer tailor-made lifting arrangements including high level engineering, experienced operators, heavy lift solutions, transport solutions, and crane solutions. You can rent all heavy lifting equipment that is necessary to successfully execute your products. Furthermore, you can hire experienced operators to control the equipment. Whether you need heavy lifting equipment or experienced operators, we are ready to help you execute your project. Please contact us for more information or a customized solution.