Offshore Service Base

Offshore Service Base

The sustainable wind energy market is growing rapidly. With this, the maintenance and repair of wind turbines and windparks is getting more and more important as well. There is much involved with the maintenance and repair of wind turbines. Windpark maintenance and repair projects require knowledge, highly experienced technicians, expertise, and special equipment.

Offshore service base at Gould

The newest offices of Gould are strategically located in the port of Vlissingen. This is the perfect base camp for your offshore windpark maintenance and repair projects, for example at windpark Borssele. You, as a manufacturer or wind turbine owner, can arrange a boat to transport your employees to the offshore windpark by yourself. However, Gould also provides CTV (crew transfer vessel) services to transport your employees and material. The boat can dock at the private quay of Gould Services. Technicians can take a break or evaluate a project at the available office space, located near the quay.

When internal technicians are not available, Gould can provide highly experienced technicians to successfully execute the maintenance and repairment tasks. Furthermore, Gould provides customized solutions for your project. Besides experienced technicians, also project managers, supervisors and site managers are available.

Complete solutions offered

Gould offers complete solutions for your offshore wind turbine maintenance projects:

  • Private quay for boats that go to the wind farm
  • Crew transfer vessel (CTV) services
  • Warehousing and office facilities
  • Local procurement
  • Marine coordination
  • Outside storage area
  • Project management
  • Highly experienced technicians
  • Site managers
  • Supervisors

Why Gould

With the offshore service base Gould provides customized complete solutions for all your offshore windpark projects. Besides an office where your employees are able to rest and get together to discuss the project, Gould can also provide skilled technicians, project managers, site managers and supervisors. The technicians can easily be transported to the wind farm from our own quay. All needed material, tools and equipment can be taken care of. The only thing you, as manufacturer or wind turbine owner, need to do is sit back, relax and let Gould take care of your project. Gould offers full-service solutions for your specific windpark project and is able to assist you 24/7. Contact us for more information or a customized solution.