Rigging & Rental

Rigging & Rental

Recently, Gould started renting out equipment, from aerial platforms and telehandlers to compressors and aggregates. This equipment is ideal for any rigging project, especially offshore windpark projects. At the moment, the sustainable energy industry is booming. The quick development of windparks and the fast-growing wind energy market, cause an increasing demand for well-maintained rigging equipment.

Rigging & Rental at Gould

Gould has a large range of rigging equipment available for rent in the Netherlands and Belgium, especially for offshore windpark projects. It is important to choose the right equipment for your specific project. With the right equipment you can lift and maneuver heavy objects safely. You need to secure and distribute the load to successfully complete the project. In this, safety is of upmost importance. Therefore, operation planning and equipment should be carefully considered. Gould Rigging & Rental can arrange the last-mentioned. The rental stock of Gould ranges from aerial platforms and telehandlers to compressors and aggregates. All equipment is perfectly maintained and meets all safety standards. Gould can assist you in choosing the right rigging equipment for your project. When a rental request is made, Gould delivers the rented equipment to the desired location in the Netherlands or Belgium. There you can pick up your machinery. From the moment you pick up the equipment, the rental period starts.

Why rent rigging equipment

There are many reasons why it is better to rent rigging equipment over purchasing them.

  • There is no need for capital outlay.
  • Important inspections and maintenance are carried out by Gould.
  • You don’t need to worry about where to store your equipment
  • You don’t have an inventory to manage.
  • You can keep down your costs by only paying for what you need, when you need it.
  • You will benefit from our expert advice about what equipment works best for your project.


Why Gould

Gould provides all the equipment you need for your offshore rigging and lifting projects worldwide. Our focus is on you, our client. Therefore, we operate with great flexibility. When you rent rigging equipment for professional use at Gould, we make sure that you can pick it up at your desired location. We deliver your equipment anywhere. From the moment you pick up your rented equipment, the rental period starts. At the moment there are 28 highly maintained machines available, with more to come. Please, contact us for any questions or a rental request.