Windpark Services

Windpark Services

Nowadays, sustainable energy gets more and more important. The development of off- and onshore wind parks and the fast-growing wind market, provoke an increasing demand for wind park services and maintenance. The inspections and repairs of wind turbines off- and onshore require expertise, knowledge, special equipment, and highly experienced technicians.

Windpark Services at Gould

Gould provides everything you need for your specific (dis)assemble or maintenance projects. Gould offers customized solutions for your projects. All equipment and personnel can be arranged. Gould employs highly experienced technicians, rope technicians and sky climbers who can fulfill any project. These technicians are trained regularly to meet our high standards. Besides technicians, Gould provides all the needed tools and equipment, such as cranes and state-of-the-art tools, to assemble, disassemble or maintain the wind turbines. The wind turbines are installed according to all health and safety regulations. Our technicians are equipped with the best personal protective equipment. To have a clear overview over all projects and to complete the projects successfully, Gould also provides project managers, site managers and supervisors to take care of the maintenance of wind turbines for manufacturers and wind turbine owners. In other words, Gould offers full-service project management for all your projects on off- and onshore windfarms.

You can count on the following worldwide services and facilities:

  • Highly experienced, certified technicians
  • Project management
  • HSE management
  • Repair/maintenance of equipment and tools
  • Rental of certified tools and equipment
  • Offshore Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) installation, electrical and mechanical completion
  • Service and maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled)

Service components

Gould offers several windpark repair and replacement services. Examples of these services are oil change, troubleshooting, blade inspection and repair and local warehousing. Besides these repairs and replacement services, Gould can provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of windfarms to make sure the windpark always performs optimally.

Why Gould

Gould provides customized solutions for all windpark projects, both onshore and offshore, worldwide. The focus is on you as our client. Therefore, we operate with great flexibility. We can assist you in the most effective way possible, because we have extensive experience in the windpark industry. The inspection, repair and maintenance of windparks and wind turbine blades require knowledge, expertise, special equipment, and highly experienced technicians. Gould offers the complete package. We are able to assist you 24/7 and we always offer you a custom-made solution for your specific project. Please, contact us for any questions or a customized solution for your project.