Mr Gould was an
adventurer with
a great deal of
passion for nature
and energy

Gould is defined as: the discovery of an ideal wind region. But why is the name Gould associated with a wind region?

Mr Gould was an adventurer with a great deal of passion for nature and energy. He took many voyages of discovery, during which he went in search for new species of animals, particularly the hummingbird. During these voyages, he discovered 27 new species of hummingbird. With this energy, he continued to fully dedicate himself to nature. His life’s mission? To provide the world with sustainable energy.With a great deal of attention and care,Mr Gould always ensured that the windmills could catch the wind, so that they would always continue to turn.

Why Gould?

For us, flexibility is of paramount importance. At Gould, the full focus is on you as a client. We know how the industry works, and this enables us to assist you in the most effective way possible. We reduce our costs by dividing overhead over our portfolio of clients.

We are ready to assist you 24/7 if you have questions we will always provide you with a custom-made solution. The founders of Gould are professionals with extensive experience that have already proved their value in the offshore wind sector with various backgrounds, such as WTG installations, WTG maintenance, port logistics, manufacturing and shipping/chartering. The shareholders strongly
believe in renewable energy and, in addition to international experience, they also have a good local perspective.


With Gould, you can count on the following services and facilities:

Windpark Services

  • Highly experienced technicians

  • Project management

  • HSE management

  • Repair / maintenance of equipment and tools

  • Rental of tools and equipment

Offshore Service Base

  • On-site hotel accommodation for your maintenance crews

  • In-house travel agency

  • Warehousing and office facilities

  • Local procurement

  • Crew transfer services

  • Marine coordination

  • Outside storage area


  • High level engineering

  • Experienced operators

  • Heavy lift solutions

  • Transport solutions

  • Crane solutions